Foot Care Tips For Equestrians

As an equestrian, you probably spend a lot of time and money maintaining your horse's feet. No hoof, no horse — right? But while taking care of your horse's feet is certainly essential to succeed in this sport, you should not be neglecting your own feet, either. Spending day after day in boots, walking through arenas and pastures, is not exactly easy on you. Here are some ways to take better care of your feet. [Read More]

How To Tell When It's Time For New Orthotics

For many people, orthotics are temporary tools needed for recovery from an injury or for treatment for a condition that can be healed. For others, however, orthotics are long-term features that they need to use constantly. It can be difficult to tell exactly when those orthotics need to be replaced, however, because orthotic "failure" can be gradual. Age, to a Point Most orthotics have what you could call a shelf-life. They are expected to eventually wear out, so after a certain amount of use, you need to start checking the orthotics to see if they've reached the point where they need to be replaced. [Read More]

Preventing Stress Fractures When Running

If you run, jog, or take part in track events, then you may develop a stress fracture along your foot. This is likely if you do not support your feet properly. Stress fractures will heal relatively quickly if you keep weight off your foot. Once the fracture heals, you should do whatever you can to prevent a new fracture from developing. Keep reading to learn about a few ways you can do this. [Read More]

Tips For Determining The Source Of Your Foot Numbness

Any time numbness occurs in your feet and persists for weeks or months, it's important that you seek the care of a foot specialist to help you diagnose it. There are many different medical conditions and issues that can cause this type of problem, and addressing them right away may help you avoid some long-term complications. Here are some of the most common causes of numbness in your feet to help you narrow things down before your visit. [Read More]