Tips For Determining The Source Of Your Foot Numbness

Any time numbness occurs in your feet and persists for weeks or months, it's important that you seek the care of a foot specialist to help you diagnose it. There are many different medical conditions and issues that can cause this type of problem, and addressing them right away may help you avoid some long-term complications. Here are some of the most common causes of numbness in your feet to help you narrow things down before your visit.

Painful Conditions That Can Keep A Senior Off Of Their Feet

As you age, the bones and muscles in your feet change. Sometimes the change can have painful consequences. Most of these foot problems can be treated by a podiatrist so you can walk again without pain. Here are some of the common problems that seniors experience and what a foot doctor can do to help. Bunions - This is an abnormal growth of bone at the base and side of your big toe.

Lupus: A Potential Enemy Of Your Feet

Lupus – a chronic, autoimmune disease – can affect any area of your body, including your feet. Some problems are a direct result of lupus; other problems are caused indirectly and may be the result of medications used to treat lupus. Since foot problems are common in people with lupus, seeing a podiatrist for regular checkups can lead to early detection and treatment of feet problems for which the disease puts you are at risk.

Three Ways To Treat Plantar Fasciitis At Home

Plantar fasciitis is heel pain that's caused by straining the ligament in your foot that supports the arch. It's common in people who are overweight; have flat feet or high arches; roll their feet inward while walking; walk, run, or stand for extended periods of time; have tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons; or wear shoes that are ill fitting or worn out. While it's important for people experiencing foot pain to see a podiatrist to determine the exact cause, there are several different home remedies for plantar fasciitis that will help relieve your pain.

After Work Foot Pain Relief

If you are in a position at work that has you on your feet for a good part of the day, then you may have sore and aching feet at the end of your shift. Sore feet can make it hard for you to come home and take care of your household chores, or to even get up off the couch after you sit down for a minute. If you find you are often struggling with sore feet, then you should read the information in this article.

Know What Can Increase Your Risk Of Complications Following Ankle Fracture Surgery

An ankle fracture is a common injury that can occur when you twist your ankle, fall, or are injured in an automobile accident or while playing a sport. If the injury is severe and your ankle is out of position and unstable, you may need surgical treatment (from a professional such as Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle) to repair the broken bone. But like other types of surgeries, ankle fracture surgery comes with the risk of complications afterward.

Use These Strategies To Reduce Your Bunion Pain

A bunion on the outside of your foot might make you feel a bit embarrassed of your foot's appearance when you wear sandals or go to the beach, but the bigger concern with this common condition is that every step you take can be painful. When you begin to notice the symptoms of a bunion, which can include an obvious bump on the outside of your first toe, as well as some constant or occasional pain in the area, it's smart to schedule an appointment at your local podiatry clinic as soon as possible.

Ingrown Toenails: A Treatment Guide

Is the corner of your toenail digging into your skin? You have what is known as an ingrown toenail. In most cases, you can treat and manage ingrown nails at home, though you may have to see a podiatrist for a severe case or if the skin surrounding your nail becomes infected. Here's a closer look at how you should treat and manage this condition. Trimming the nail If your nail is just beginning to grow into your skin, you should be able to lift it and trim the curling portion away.

That Pain You Feel In Your Back? Orthotic Shoe Inserts May Help

If you suffer with back pain of any type, you know how much it can affect almost every aspect of your life. You may have trouble sleeping, making you tired all the time. This may also cause you to be easily irritated so that friends and family may start to avoid you. You may not be able to sit for very long, making car trips almost impossible. In addition, you may not be able to perfume some of the normal chores and tasks required at work and at home.

Plantar Fasciitis And Running: How To Reduce Discomfort Without Giving Up Your Exercise Regimen

If you have decided to get back into shape by running daily, it can be frustrating to suddenly develop plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately, certain activities can lead to the development of this painful foot condition. For many this condition may seem to be a signal that their running days are over, but that is not necessarily true. There are ways to manage the condition while still enjoying a good run. Choosing the Right Shoes